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August 31, 2008

01 September 2008: Another Ingush rally near the EU parliament

01 September 2008 Ingush opposition website Ingushetiya.ru is planning another protest near the EU Parliament in Brussels dedicated to the genocide of Ingush civilians of Prigorodny District of the North Ossetia.

Lenta.ru: the Ingush opposition leader was killed with a single headshot by a Russian police officer.

Lenta.ru Russian news agency reports that the Ingush opposition leader was killed with a single shot into his head by a Russian police officer. After the shooting the Russian police officers left lifeless body of Mr.Evloev. He was found by relatives who were looking for him. The relatives took him to the hospital but it was too late.

Leader of Ingushetiya.ru anti-government web-site killed by a Russian cop in Ingushetia

The leader of Ingushetiya.ru anti-Kremlin opposition web-site,  Magomed Evloev, was killed today by a Russian policeman. Witnesses report that after landing in the Ingush airport he was detained by Russian police. Mr.Evloev was killed with one shot into his head while in their custody.

August 27, 2008

IA REGNUM: One Russian soldier killed in an ambush in Ingushetia

08/26/08 13:00 Russian military convoy was ambushed near Ingush village of Gamurzievo by forces of unknown origin. One Russian soldier was killed and one wounded.

Ingushetiya.ru: Protest of Ingush and Georgian nationals at the European Parliament.

Ingushetiya.ru: 08/26/08 Protest of Ingush and Georgian nationals at the European Parliament in memory of Ingush victims of 1992. The genocide of Ingush nation was orchestrated in 1992 by Ossetian neo-Nazis and Russian government troops. Over 600 of Ingush civilians were tortured, raped, and killed; the entire Ingush population of Prigorodni District was ethnically cleansed, over 60,000 of Ingush nationals became refugees, thousands were taken hostages by Ossetians (including the ones who were taken to the now-famous Beslan school), hundreds of Ingush homes were burned by Ossetian gangs or destroyed by Russian heavy artillery fire, the Ingush property was looted.

Ingush Protest Ingush protest

Ingush Protest 

Ingush Protest

August 26, 2008

Russian cop wounded in Karabulak

Ingushetia.ru: 08/25/08 A Russian cop was wouded during the attack at 14:00 near town of Karabulak.

RIAN: House of Ingush senator Isa Kostoev attacked during the last night.

RIAN: "NAZRAN, August 24 (RIA Novosti) - The residence of a member of Russia's upper house of parliament was attacked by unknown assailants armed with automatic weapons in the Russian republic of Ingushetia early on Sunday, police said. The senator in question is Issa Kostoeva, and the attack occurred close to Nazran, the republic's largest city and its former capital. No casualties have been reported. "The incident took place in the Ekazhevo village at around 1.50 a.m. [21.50 GMT Saturday]. A group of unidentified people drove up to the senator's house and opened fire with automatic weapons and a grenade launcher," a police source said told RIA Novosti. The assailants then fled the scene. A search is underway for the attackers. Ingushetia neighbors troubled Chechnya, and has seen an increasing number of attacks on the authorities by armed militants of later."

August 23, 2008

Yet another gold medal for Ingushetia

08/23/08 Ingush boxer Rakhim Chakhkiev won a gold medal for Ingushetia.

August 21, 2008

The protest in Brussels: the genocide of Ingush citizens in the North Ossetia in 1992.

Ingushetiya.ru: “On 08/26/2008 The initiative-taking group is preparing the protest near the building of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. The purpose of the protest is to attract the attention of the world’s community to the events of 1992 when the entire Ingush population of the North Ossetia, were ethnically cleansed. Hundreds of Ingush nationals were murdered, hundreds were tortured, their houses destroyed, looted, and hostages taken. The crimes against the Ingush citizens were committed by Ossetian paramilitaries after the heavy armored Russian troops captured the Ingush territory of Prigorodny District.”


Notes: Ossetian-Ingush conflict of 1992 

Ingush refugees: victims of the forgotten genocide.

August 18, 2008. The President of Russian Federation, Dmitriy Medvedev, arrived to the North Ossetian city of Vladikavkaz where majority of refugees from the South Ossetia are located. In Vladikavkaz he gave military awards to officers and soldiers who fought in the South Ossetia against the Georgians. He also expressed condolence to Ossetian citizens, whose relatives perished or were missing during the conflict. The head of the Russian State also promised to take all measures for restoring the destroyed economy, houses, and infrastructure in the South Ossetia. At the same time thousands of Ingush refugees who were ethnically cleansed from the North Ossetia, during the Ossetian-Ingush conflict in 1992, cannot return back to their homes in the North Ossetia. Ingush refugees are Russian citizens unlike the South Ossetians who are the citizens of Georgia.

August 20, 2008

Hundreds of Russian troops surround the center of Nazran.

Ingushetiya.ru news agency reports that hundreds of Russian troops in BTR’s surrounded the center of Nazran. Eyewitnesses report that several households are being searched. One of them belonging to Adsalmaz Elzharkiev.

Cease of hostilities between Russia and Georgia: new rise of tensions in Ingushetia

An Ingush national Musa Khamchiev from Malgobeck was detained by Russian security forces no official charges were made public. Ingushetiya.ru news agency reports the government forces arrested an innocent person.

August 17, 2008

Since the beginning of the war in Georgia: numbers of “insurgents” attacks and FSB abductions of Ingush civilians decreased … to ZERO.

As many Ingush nationals have noticed since the beginning of the war between the Georgians and Ossetians the numbers of “insurgents” attacks and FSB abduction in Ingushetia decreased to zero. Ingushetiya.ru news agency also reports the same observation. As Ingushetiya.ru says some people fear that after the end of the war everything will return back to the pre-war conditions.

Notes: FSB [former KGB] is a Russian Federal Security Bureau.

August 15, 2008

Russian armored personnel carrier crushes Ingush civilians’ car killing one and wounding the other.

Ingushetiya.ru: Ingush village of Surkakhi 08/15/08 22:00. Russian BTR run over and destroyed a VAZ-2107 car. One of the Ingush civilians Magomed Maloroev was killed the other civilian Isa Maloroev was heavily wounded. It’s not the first accident during this week. Yesterday a Russian BTR run over another car in Barsukinski municipal district of Ingushetia. There were several Ingush civilian casualties.

Russia Today lies about Ingush towers and graveyards, presenting them as Ossetians’.

The official Russian news agency “Russia Today” made available the following video material which was broadcasted all around the world. The Russian news agency presented the Ingush towers and graveyards of deportees of 1865 as Ossetians. However, “Russia today” and its Ossetian hosts cannot explain where the structures appeared from, and most definitely they cannot explain why these structures are found only on Ingush territories and not for example in the South Ossetia.

Notes: In 1864-1865 Russia began mass deportations of Chechens and Ingush to the Ottoman Empire and confiscated their land. Only a fifth of the original populations were left in the Caucasus. Majority of the areas were completely emptied of Ingush population and later occupied by Cossacks and Ossetians.

Fight between Ingush and Ossetian nationals in Kurtat, North Ossetia

A fight between Ingush and Ossetian nationals broke out after an Ossetian shot an Ingush into his leg from a pistol. There were about 13 people fighting on both sides. Three of them were later hospitalized.

Notes: Kurtat [Prigorodni district] is an ethnic Ingush village which was transferred by Joseph Stalin [an ethnic Ossetian] to the North Ossetia after the Ingush genocide of 1944 [two-thirds of Ingush population was killed].

August 14, 2008

Ingushetia-1992, Georgia-2008: Ossetians looting behind Russian armor.

In 1992 during the genocide of Ingush population in Prigorodni District the Ossetians looted and murdered defenseless Ingush nationals on the territories captured by Russian Army. Numerous victims of the genocide noticed the same trends in Georgia in 2008.

Islam-Beka Albiev: Second gold medal in wrestling from "crisis-torn Ingushetia"

REUTERS: Islam-Beka Albiev won a gold medal on the Olympics in Beijing in wrestling.

"Albiev, a 19-year-old from crisis-torn Ingushetia, looked the sharper fighter during the final and recorded a 3-0 decision by points."


RIA Novosti: Georgian spy "organizing militant resistance to federal authorities" in Ingushetia

RIA Novosti:"The FSB said that the intelligence officer had been given the task of "organizing militant resistance to federal authorities" in Ingushetia and other regions of Russia's Southern Federal District, adding that he was also believed to have been a link between militant groups in Russia and Georgian secret services."


August 12, 2008

An Ingush sportsman gets first Gold Medal

Nazir Mankiev got first gold medal for Ingushetia on the olympics in Bejing in wrestling

Ingush villages and towns are blocked by Russian troops

08/11/08 Russian troops installed road blocks and check points around Nazran, Ekazhevo, Karabulak, Troitskaya, Plievo, Yandare, and Surkhakhi according to Ingushetiya.ru news agency . The checkpoints are manned by Russian internal ministry troops with light infantry weapons, BTR's, URAL's, and UAZ's. Ingush nationals are not permitted to cross the border into the North Ossetia.

August 11, 2008

South Ossetian refugees arrive to Ingushetia.

Eyewitnesses in Ingushetia have noticed that some refugees from the South Ossetia arrived to Ingushetia. It is not possible to determine the exact numbers of the refugees because the refugees are still coming.

August 09, 2008

Hate messages against Ingush and Georgians are on the rise

As many Ingush nationals have noticed, hate messages against people of Georgian and Ingush origins are on the rise on Ingushetiya.ru forums. Ingushetiya.ru is the only website which provides information about the current events in Ingushetia. Majority of the hate messages are left by Ossetians. The moderators of Ingushetiya.ru erase hundreds of messages every day.

Russian armored personnel carrier destroyed near Ordzhonekidzevskaya

Ingushetiya.ru news agency reports that Russian BTR was destroyed near village of Ordzhonekidzevskaya. Two Russian soldiers were brought to the Sunzhenskiy hospital. The type of weapon used against the APC is unknown.

War Between Georgians and Ossetians broke out

War between Georgia and one of the Georgian provinces - South Ossetia broke out. The Georgians shell the Ossetian rebel's positions from heavy artillery and multiple rocket-launchers. Russian army invaded Georgia. Scores of Ossetian refugees flee to the North Ossetia.

August 03, 2008

Two Ingush civilians killed by Russian cops.

Ingushetia.ru news agency reports that two Ingush civilians: Daud Chibiev and Hamzat Gardanov were killed by Russian cops near the village of Plievo, after their BMW was stopped and they got out of the car. Gardanov was killed at the spot. Chibiev started to run and received a shot into his back which was fired from BTR.