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Ingushetiya.ru: Protest of Ingush and Georgian nationals at the European Parliament.

Ingushetiya.ru: 08/26/08 Protest of Ingush and Georgian nationals at the European Parliament in memory of Ingush victims of 1992. The genocide of Ingush nation was orchestrated in 1992 by Ossetian neo-Nazis and Russian government troops. Over 600 of Ingush civilians were tortured, raped, and killed; the entire Ingush population of Prigorodni District was ethnically cleansed, over 60,000 of Ingush nationals became refugees, thousands were taken hostages by Ossetians (including the ones who were taken to the now-famous Beslan school), hundreds of Ingush homes were burned by Ossetian gangs or destroyed by Russian heavy artillery fire, the Ingush property was looted.

Ingush Protest Ingush protest

Ingush Protest 

Ingush Protest

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